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As a Filipino, it is normal to have 3/4th of  your family tree to be somewhat involved with Nursing or the Nursing and Healthcare field. It is true that Nursing can be a lucrative and practical career for a person in the United States, but defintely not for the nurses back home (Philippines). Money is one of the biggest catalyst for filipinos to take up Nursing. I have known filipino friends of mine that chose Nursing, not because it is something that they wanted to do but instead they are just chasing the MONEY. I think that it is somewhat sad and depressing to know that plenty of filipinos do not realize the potential of earning money in other career endeavors or through doing what they love and passionate about.

I think that this ideology spans from the fact that there have been millions of Filipinos that have migrated to the US and around the world that took up nursing and that are quite successful.  If we look at an average nurse from the Philippines and compare to the one in the US, you can see the great discrepancy in income and money.

What do you guys think ?


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